About Us

The MPS has an outstanding proven track record in supporting and providing schools with a professional and experienced approach to educational excellence.

Whether providing outstanding outcomes for schools through learner attainment, or positively impacting a learner’s approach to education, we strive for excellence in every aspect. We have established successful and long lasting partnerships with a range of schools from maintained, independent and specialist sectors. Due to our support structure and diverse curriculum, all schools are able to benefit from our experience and proven record; regardless of school performance indicators.

The majority of our learners have no desire or interest in pursuing a military career, but enjoy the unique learning experience and GCSE equivalent qualifications.

Our courses follow the academic year, with the majority of learners attending just 1 day per week, with minimal impact or disruption to school timetables. The most popular placement is as part of a schools GCSE options, increasing schools performance attainment. Each programme follows the academic year as per the school term timetable; most learners will transition up each year and complete higher programmes to attain as many qualifications as possible.

The extensive enrichment programme, built into our curriculum, allows learners to develop a holistic approach to learning and personal development. We are not a boot camp, nor do we push learners towards a military career, we are focused on level 2 accredited qualifications and equipping learners with the foundations to achieve and thrive in a changing world.

The ethos and common learning philosophy is evident in all provisions and promotes the importance of holistic learning to all. We utilise and instil positive military ethos and values and utilise learning experiences through a contextualised application that forms our key engagement mechanism and strategy.

Our intent is to provide the UK with citizens that will enhance the workplace, society and the communities in which we live. These have been developed over 20 years of experience and adaptation to meet the needs of learners in life, learning and progression.

Our pedagogy is built on a holistic approach to learning, targeting both the development and knowledge of employment and life skills. We look to combine the application of practical and theoretical content through contextualised learning and this is a key fundamental approach we adopt to ensure effective engagement.

Core Values

As a training provider to schools and local authorities we are able to provide extensive opportunities across England and Wales. The ethos and core values that we, as a company, are built upon are seen throughout the provision from the newest learner to the Chief Executive Officer.

This vital element underpins the curriculum, our teaching and learning pedagogy and our philosophy of pursuing excellence for schools and learners.


MPS promotes the importance of a healthy body and mind