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Curriculum Support for Years 7-11

The MPCT Schools provision complements the existing
school curriculum, through improving school performance
and providing an alternative curriculum that the school
offers. The MPCT Schools pedagogy is based upon
active learning, both within academic lessons and the
application of practical skills.

Whether providing outstanding outcomes for schools
through learner attainment, or positively impacting
a learners’ approach to education, MPCT Schools
strives for excellence.

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  • Supporting school qualification and attainment performance
  • Developing unique learning skills to support in school academic performance
  • Ensuring positive personal and academic progression

MPCT has established successful
partnerships with a range of educational settings, from
primary and secondary schools, to specialist sectors. Due
to the diverse curriculum and service offer, all schools,
academies and local and combined authorities are able to
benefit from our experience and proven pedigree.

MPCT Schools has an outstanding proven track record in
supporting and providing schools with a professional and
experienced approach to educational excellence.


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As a national, award-winning training provider, our intent is to deliver sustainable in-school initiatives, adding value to learner development, enhancing school performance, and supporting nationally recognised priorities.

MPCT Schools has two distinct delivery provisions offering curriculum support for Year 7-11: MPCT Young Leaders and our qualification-based programmes.

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to learners

The learners who attend the provision receive a unique learning experience. Qualification attainment and developing vital employment and work-based skills are the fundamental objectives for all MPS learners. The active and holistic approach to learning inspires, motivates and educates all learners to reach their potential.

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We have worked with MPS for a number of years, accessing a range of qualifications to support our learners. Each year, our pupils have achieved a 100% pass rate as well as benefiting from a wide range of support, guidance and enrichment. There is a comprehensive referral process supported by highly effective school communication. This provision has strengthened our curriculum offer enabling us to design a bespoke package of learning for our pupils.

Cynffig Comprehensive School

The staff are very understanding and respectful of me as person. The support they provide and the skills they teach have helped me become confident and self-respecting and I now know that I can achieve my dream. The practical and the theory side of the course knit together to form a perfect learning syllabus to help anyone wanting to go into the public services or the military. I don’t believe there is any place as brilliant as MPS. I thank all the staff for everything they’ve helped me become.

Amy (Ysgol Aberconwy)

At Greenhill, MPS is offered as part of the Year 9 into 10 options process and uptake came from across the ability range. This is the first year we have been involved with the MPS programme and the students have been wholly positive about their experiences. Upon completion, the students will have gained two qualifications with a grade equivalence of 4 B grades at GCSE.

Greenhill School

I have been at MPS for six months and believe it has helped me with my confidence and I can now speak to people more comfortably. My fitness levels have increased. I enjoy working in a team and my favourite part of physical training is battle PT. I really enjoy coming to MPS Tamworth.

Callum (Wilnecote School)

All St Albans pupils who have attended the KS4 MPS provision have engaged and excelled on the course. It provides us as a school the scope to offer an innovative and flexible curriculum at KS4 in which all pupils can succeed and gain meaningful qualifications. Communication and updates between staff at MPS and St Albans has been excellent and key in supporting our pupils in meeting success on the courses offered.

St Albans RC High School

As a person I have developed my attitude to learning, in and outside of MPS. It has also given me an opportunity to branch into a better future. It has made me a better person and it’s helped me think about my future. The physical part of the course also helps me to keep fit & helps my boxing.

Elijah (King’s Church of England School)

I enjoy the activities and teamwork tasks at MPS and also enjoy the fitness sessions as they varied and are different. MPS has helped me work towards my future career by teaching me key employability skills and also allowing me to gain qualifications to support my future.

Jacob (Ysgol Harri Tudor)

So far in my time at MPS I have improved my personal qualities and health and fitness. Before I joined I wasn’t very good at working as part of team but now I have definitely improved. My fitness has also improved from all the PT. MPS has helped me with learning new things and I am certainly happy that I chose it as one of my GCSE Options.

Matteo (Stanwell School)

I joined MPS because I thought it would help me in joining the police force as well as giving me 4 GSCE equivalents, which I hope will aid me in finding work in the future. The course also helps with my physical health, personal qualities and pushes me to the limit. The MPS has also helped me by teaching skills such as managing money and how to keep fit and healthy. I would highly recommend this course for anyone.

Michael (St Albans RC High School)

Being a part of and attending MPS has given me the opportunity to further my ambition and supporting my future. It has helped me gain self-confidence and communication skills which are vital to have. MPS is also helping me increase my fitness and is developing my knowledge of health and wellbeing. MPS takes into consideration all ambitions of what we want to achieve and gives full support and guidance with our choices.

Nikita (Birchgrove Comprehensive)


Learners undertake recognised and accredited vocational qualifications that are aligned and focused towards work and employability skills.

We understand that many of our learners have diverse career aspirations, therefore, we promote and ensure that qualifications are fit for purpose and contextualised to allow a widespread acquisition of knowledge. Learning is active and diverse, both through delivery and assessment. We encourage and actively demand that our staff, centres and curriculum facilitate conditions for holistic and inclusive learning.

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