Benefits to Learners

The learners who attend MPS receive a unique learning experience. Qualification attainment and developing vital employment and work-based skills are the fundamental objectives for all MPS learners. The active and holistic approach to learning inspires, motivates and educates all learners to reach their potential.

Individual needs are consistently evaluated allowing support mechanisms to be applied to ensure learning is personalised. This creates a learning culture that is accessible for all academic levels.

Learners are encouraged and given opportunity to conduct reflective practice, take ownership and empowerment of their learning and to play an active part in the continuous development of MPS as an organisation.

Assessment is promoted through a 360 degree application, whether in academic qualifications, work skills, physical fitness or personal attributes.

We promote our learning to be continuous, and therefore, so is our assessment. We drive and promote individual success at all levels allowing learners to gain confidence in their ability and thus strive for further progression.

  • 01 Ambitious, Capable Learners
  • 02 Enterprising Creative Contributors
  • 03 Ethical, Informed Citizens
  • 04 Healthy, Confident Individuals

Health and Fitness

The benefits of physical exercise are important to a learners development.

We place a large emphasis on developing the knowledge and understanding of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Learners are taught how to eat properly, how to effectively exercise and look after themselves. All of our instructors have experience and knowledge in supporting learners to positively develop their physical and mental health.

  • Team building activities to promote social development
  • Education on how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Daily differentiated physical activity
  • Promote a positive mindset
  • Diverse range of activities
  • Daily breakfast club


All learners are able to access our enrichment opportunities on any of the curriculum programmes.

These unique experiences are custom built into the provision to ensure learners receive a holistic approach to learning. By having informed and rounded learners in schools and local communities, they are able to become enterprising and creative contributors and valued members of society.

MPS learners are encouraged to improve their personal and self-confidence through engaging in learning experiences with contemporary issues and given opportunities to explore new situations in a safe environment. Learners are actively encouraged to reflect on their experiences throughout the course to inspire confidence to inspire confidence in themselves and others.

Fundraising Activities
Volunteering Opportunities
Overnight Military Exercises
Supporting Local Communities
Award Recognition
Diverse Physical Training
Military Themed Activities
External Speakers
Training Based Competitions


No. Learners work at a level that is suitable to them. Fitness will improve naturally as they take part in exercise each week with learners understanding healthy behaviours and nutrition as the course progresses. All physical activity is differentiated, all we ask is that learners try.

Yes. All learners on the programme wear the MPS uniform. This makes them feel part of the team and gives them a sense of pride. Details on uniform will be explained on the induction weeks of programme.

Yes, learners will receive individual careers advice whilst on the course to help with vocational, academic and employability choices.