Daily Programme

Learners each day participate in both classroom academic studies and physical activity to promote and maintain healthy behaviours.

An important aspect of the pedagogy we instil is the variety of learning experiences that our young people undertake, by setting the correct conditions we allow identified skills to be utilised and practised to allow proficiency.


The Military Preparation School uniform is an integral part of the provision. The value we hold on the uniform supports several aspects of development and necessity whilst on programme. The uniform supports an inclusive nature towards the provision and instils a sense of pride of appearance and ensures the importance of personal presentation. The various offsite visits and enrichment opportunities throughout the year require safe working dress and equipment.

Daily Programme
Learners Arrive

Learners prepare for kit inspection

Learner Parade

Instructors conduct registration, welfare and kit inspection

Academic Lesson

Learners take part in vocational studies


Learners are encouraged to eat healthily at all times

Physical Training

Learners take part in differentiated practical activities

Learner Parade

Instructors conduct afternoon registration and closing address

Learners Depart

Learners depart on school,
parental or public transport

14:30 +
Learner Reflection

Learners are encouraged to reflect and apply the days learning