Wales Schools – September 2020 Placement Open

The Military Preparation School has continued to support schools and learners across England and Wales during these challenging and disruptive times. Through a dynamic, structured and robust learning framework we have, and continue to do so, provide a professional and effective service to schools and local authorities. We have ensured outstanding qualification attainment and dependable wellbeing support. We now begin to turn our focus to the new academic year, where we will again, provide schools with high quality, supportive and steadfast placement options for the academic year 2020-21. Through initial discussions, many schools across England and Wales have already reviewed, discussed and reserved their placement preferences by registering their interest. During this time of unrest and uncertainty, we look to support schools with a proven model of success, combined with a flexible and assured placement approach to what will be a likely disrupted start to the new academic year.

Our September delivery will begin the week commencing Monday 7th September 2020. As the Covid-19 situation is consistently changing along with the guidance published, we will look to review and discuss in the later stages of the term the arrangements and details of the initial September delivery. We have a number of delivery methods to support an unhindered start to our qualification delivery and ensure high engagement from the outset. Any new potential learners will have opportunity to partake in an online virtual welcome and induction before the end of the academic year, along with opportunity for parental engagement. In-School and In-Centre Taster Days will be conducted in September.

  • High performance measures (All qualifications QiW accredited)
  • Flexible placement options to support school timetabling (Limited impact on core subjects – highest attainment based on 1 day allocation)
  • Year 10 and 11 learners target x2 B Grade GCSE (Equiv) on a 1 day allocation for the academic year (92 performance points per learner) (x4 B Grade Equiv over KS4 – 184 performance points per learner)
  • Cost effective school performance support (In-Centre and In-School delivery options)
  • Placement through a hybrid of learner cohorts (Year 8 – 11 with no limit on cohort size)
  • Placement throughout the academic year available 
  • Direct Year 11 placement available (Target: x2 B Grade GCSE (Equiv)

To discuss the curriculum and placement options available and to build your bespoke package please contact the MPS Management Team through the Contact Us / Appointments tab function on the top of this page. 

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